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Later the head began to move in the fits, and in March, 189:.',

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the work that she has to do is of the lightest. Many a surgeon would

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tion, London, on April 12th, 18i*3, at 5.3ci p.m.. Dr. G. G. Bantotk in the

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sulted from feeding through a soft tube passed down the

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scheme embodied in the draft charter is, with few excep-

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the vital powers of the patient. Hence in these cases,

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semen from passing into the vagina, compelling the subject

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bouses now on one side within some 200 yards of the walls of

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death were dulycertified in Croydon ; in the other towns the lowest propor-

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venience has resulted to many members of the medical services of the

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during the year, and 9 have been supplied with nurses. There aie row

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the protection of the Association as far as possible had been

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the screw as far as possible; the door took forty-six second" to close

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hydrochloric acid of the stomach will convert it, in part at

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building is hurriedly put up. These buildings can only be regarded as

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grant from the Customs and Excise Act they withdrew from

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trace of its existence ; or it may, on the other hand, prociuce

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accusing others of ignorance. No men know more about enteric fever

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I have seen a preliminary iridectomy followed by a consider-

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amination is conducted much on the Itnej of the German one on v/hicli

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Subscriptions, which are limited to one guinea, may be sent

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others requiring attention from the same cause should be

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introducing these admirable lectures to German practi-

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Gazette of India, says this controversy does not al)ate, and will not,

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sudden obstruction of the renal vein by torsion accounts for

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London ; Dr. J. H. Ashworth, Halstcad; Dr. P. J. Allan, London ; Pro-

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the disease considerably modified in the intensity of its more

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every 1,631 persons. In Tasmania there is 1 to every 1,666 :

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ordinary progress it has made in the last few years. The

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thoroughly informed and of great authority in respect to the

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out. Wpntat.3p.M. Mouth in same condition as before, hut

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acute onset, with severe constitutional symptoms preceding

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fever and from sore throat, and does not show any signs of

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