Adalat Blood Pressure
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ings in the Joints. Lobel fays, this has been often

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apply to enteritis, or any other inflammation occurring in the advanced

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bad symptom inasmuch as the beUy had been in the morning quite soft

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the sweat was of a very dark yellow colour, and of a most nauseous stench.

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Then, too, in regard to our journals, see what an advancement has

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She was also subject to sick headache which has been very much

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fever which now prevails as a destructive epidemic in Dublin, and many

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February 8. This second case resulted fatally on February 23, 1907,

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of the joints were attacked. Affection of the heart was noticed in

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centa, partially detached, is retained within the uterus.

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stream. I thank it for the stress laid on diet, water, exercise ; for

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to be nowise deranged. In the majority of cases it can be shortened,

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the memorably wet month of July, 1839, I was called out of bed at

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racter, and the pulse rising to 170 and even 180. One or two points

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of the world, had so kindly, and to me so unexpectedly, bestowed on it.

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than those already related, which proved too suddenly fatal to allow a

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some of the flowers of the Antennaria^ and chewed them. The follow-

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or Purple-flowerd fingle are : at the top ofi the Stalk

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pression, may be termed functional, being of such a nature as to be un-

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was able to release the arm on the fifth day ; making, Dr. Gross

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a healthy state of the body, an illustration of which this case affords :

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completely allayed ; his thirst and headache relieved ; liis tongue moist

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lesion — without liaving experienced any sensation of pain or vertigo,

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divided by brackets, altering their places with each successive advance

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weeks, old, burned areas may show irritation and erythema after bathing

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vial; Lachesis^ $8 per vial." See "List of Dr. B. Fincke's

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tina. Her father, under whose observation she had been during the

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