Amantadine Side Effects Hallucinations
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"Morbid Anatomy"; Chemistry — Boscoe's " Lessons in Elementary
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dates must haye practiced dissections during six months at least.
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Physical examination of the sensibility almost always shows considerable dis-
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of Medicine, Surgery; at the end of the fourth year — Ophthalmology,
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amantadine side effects hallucinations
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the parents or gnardians of the stadents. Stadents absenting themselyes from/
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speedy death. If, however, the first shock passes away, the impairment of
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which may at last excite the functional nervous derangements of hysteria.
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pediatrics, approved by the Department of Pediatrics and the Dean of the Division of
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symptom seen especially in the tibialis anticus, and rarely also in the flexors
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ul^i? f Subsls|:„^nve T j>I ^cat ion A -g- Forc«? loTi stlds Ccr.rnand (AFf-T^
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tremor, or single twitchings, which may be rhythmical or like those of chorea ;
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actual arthritis, with an inflammatory effusion into the joints. The knee and
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the idea, although it cannot be pronounced aloud. On the other hand, many
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Santiago have faculties of Pharmacy. All the Universities confer
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type is by no means rare. It is therefore certain that it was often seen in the
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distinguished from the recurrent oculomotor paralysis that sometimes occurs
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cular contraction on direct galvanic irritation of the muscles is practically
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methods for the cure of spina bifida ; they can be found in full in the text-books
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1. Students admitted to the pxaotice of this Hospital must enter for the period
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importance, for all the parts mentioned are in such close proximity to one
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emetic is sulphate of copper. The best antidote is old oil of turpentine (30
amantadine hallucinations
and its Compounds; (4) The principal Alkaloids; (5) The Sugars,
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Samuel Parsons, M.D. St. Andrew's, 4, Clarges-strcct. W.
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The highest qualifications granted for proficiency in this branch of the
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tremities. Immediately after the hemorrhage it is often so complete that even
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nevertheless, as a rule, indicate certain muscles as being chiefly affected. Most
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b. Both the thick white and the th1n white should be colorless.
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psychical treatment often produces the best results. Local hydrotherapy and
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diseases, especially in syphilis and tuberculosis, usually have another origin.
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p&d^tlOnB made from it ; (5) To recognise them ; (6) Dose of the drag
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may desire to attend the medical and surgical practice of the hospital."
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the ventricles (internal hydrocephalus), which occurs very frequently. The

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