Can Amaryl Cause Weight Gain
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morning I'ound, I sent her home at once, desiring she

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the diseases of the various systems in the child and

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operations performed were attended with many difficul-

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one, in conformity with the plans and estimates prepared

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It is, I am sure, the earnest wish of this great assembly

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was attended by a midwife at 2 a.m. Sickness and vc

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dilated by atropine. This I was particularly desirous of

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Colchicura affords us another instance, when timely

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mak's name, to choose it as the one they will employ.

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killed " by bleeding coup sur conj), by antimony, by

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gave it as his opinion, that this College had no power to

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fairly be considered to stand in the relation of effect to

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direct or natural course of the nerve force (centripetal

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out the circumference of the flat surface of the ear-piece

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siderations, we were glad indeed to liave it from the

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bruit only was heard in the carotids, but not in the heart.

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true, compulsory ; but the compulsion is practically

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gentlemen who feel interest in the matter will favour me

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the goitre. All the symptoms in this case were more

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to be more intense and agonising the nearer the seat

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the life of the child may be imperilled unless the re-

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to any preparallni of the kind, and, from its moderate price, is a

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bringing under the notice of the public at large an

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can-y with it all precedence and advantages attacliing to

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tem ; and, as the Medical Council decline to inter-

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mately died, just as we not unfrequently see children

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marks relative to health insurances ? It is with satisfac-

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exercise in it, were of primary importance. Cleanliness

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dilatation of the os uteri. She was bled to about ten

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the case of cancer and j^us, a much greater quantity

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testines had been unsuspected. It is possible tliat this

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Why, I would also ask, if, as your readers must inferentially con-

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seqtience of long continued debilitating disease. Cases

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twelve Vice-Presidents, and three Treasurers, who are

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