Benemid For Gout
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cine by Dr. Breuer. The meeting was held at the Edwin

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Association in the manner and to the extent deemed appropri-

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their opposition to such enslavement. In an editorial

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the teeth and hones to calcit'y ))roperly. This inteifereni'e with nrwmal

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tion for rabies. The body was sent, and I took out the brain and used

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has been repeatedly described imder the name of rabies or one of its

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supply. This demand shows every indication of being maintained

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Sudden in onset. Involves whole gland. Rarely as ex-

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precipitin in the immunized animal. One portion of the protein

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breeding centers on both sides or must have received a prize at the

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$75.00 weekly indemnity, accident and sickness quarterly

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Mr. McIntyre, as well as the other employees in the

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and the sum of their diameters was less than that ot the main stem; they

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gastrointestinal tract is presented. Although a pre-

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mIio has wDin llannel niiden-lolhiiii; or a plale of false teeth.

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Harvard Medical School, 1896; Fellow of the American

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Equally adapted to the intensive, the intermediate or

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Then searching which way the wind had passed when we blew from the

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2. Incidence. — Minor histological changes in both intima and media

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Cross, Infantile Paralysis Foundation, Lasker Foun-

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ccitain conditions of stimulation, such as the distention of the bile duel>

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Single Immunization package contains three V 2 cc. Vials

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...illnl the l-fceplor Mlh>llUic-e oT I.Jiliul.'.v, illld is l.elievc.l In iciK-t linl

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ments with the physician, but no compensation will be

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225 Sheridan Road Medical Director Phone Winnetka 211

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gland. Considering the age of the culture used, this result seems to

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Report of the Council, J. W. Thompson, M.D., St. Louis, Chairman.


and as a society would have to guarantee the payment. The organi-

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Danish breed (Laudrace). In the latter case the boar must, on the side of

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present, are so well localized to the small broncho-

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opacity is conditioned by the existence in this region of keratohyaline

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eases where the exisfeiice of inhibitory (ibers is diHibtful, iirrcat aid is

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Impossible to detect certain diseased conditions except upon post-mortem examination.

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say. It iiiny 1... iissn.-i,,!,..! ,vilh ti,.. woik of tlic u'iistri,. i,ii.| iiitrsl in;,!

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taminated drinking water from pools and shallow wells, constitute

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from generation to generation, and gain in time the classic form.

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September 26, four to seven days after their exposure to Harry, but the

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....val'l-roM, .1... M 1 of su-l. s, .s as int.-l-r.. «itl, tins pr ss,

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