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the death was certified in a regular manner, and the burial

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three years has been £814,000, "in spite of large reductions in

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Dr. McNaught exhibited specimens of Carcinomatous and

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amine the contents of the stomach of a filaria-charged mos-

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shilling was not given as actual payment for services rendered, but it

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geon-tieuteiianls and Captains while travelling by rail in charge of de-

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are pretty fully discussed in an important work on the history

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There are many changes in the drill, the majority of which are very

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solution of eserine, but generally speaking neither mydriatic

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ing from a fast-growing uterine tumour, which was diagnosed

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Mitchell, A.. M.B., CM. Aberd., reappointed Parochial Medical Officer

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warrants. Of course, if justice required it, they would have

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official work. I must warn the House against accepting

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period. He liad listened witli great attention to what had

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iog ot Uie Cambridgeshiie and Hunlinedonshire and East Anglian

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the Cervix and impacting the Pelvis, which will be published.

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often employs the greater part of his life only to make the

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few ascertained facts on which to base the theory of the dis-

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Mr. GoDLEE referred to a case which appeared to him to be

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read and confirmed. Dr. S. Smith opened a discussion on

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tions of the Commission, and, finally, that the House of

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examination with a view to operation. Dr. Charles McBurney

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M.R.C.P.: A. S. Norman, M.R.C.S., L.E.C.P.; D. V. O'Conuell, M.D.,

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is'diesigned for the ttse of students and practitioners. Within

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with the provident'system, which may in the end grow to an equal oreven

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H. Cattle, Nottingham; Mr. N. C. Collier, London. i» Mr. H. Davies,

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veyance and treatment of small-pox patients. Probably but

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the general practitioners. Meanwhile the only attempts

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surgeons as may be appointed examiners under the new

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ttiat the College present a piece of plate to Dr. Liveiug, tlie

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en'irely done by the wagon ordery instead of by Nos. 2 and 4 bearers.

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Ax adjourned meeting of this Branch was held at Perth on

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by a process of reactive protection against the attacks of the

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versa, could be made out in comparatively few cases, for of

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set in several months, six and more, before the patients

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'^^iT^ion House the Lord Mayor, who was accompanied by the Ladj

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will not. Take wheat and barley which a woman steeps in her own urine lor

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about three-fourths dilated, that the frf tal head was free above the brim,

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Hadwen, W. R., L.R C.P.Lond. Taylor, D. C. P., L R.C.P.Lond.

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[Special Weekly Repobt to the British Medical Jouhnal.]

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any pulmonary or cardiac disease, and which went on to com-

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