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embolism and not that of angina pectoris due to aortic disease. Likewise

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The evacuation hospital should be able to requisition light cars

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By cautery we mean an old fashioned soldering iron or some other

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It sticks to the sputum cup and is pathognomonic of acute lobar pneumonia.

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Radium is not a specific for cancer. X nfortunately such a substance

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and much emaciated at time of my examination temperature 101

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The Chairman of the Committee on Arrangements then made

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bart Amory Hare M. D. Professor of Therapeutics and Materia

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his keen conscience in heroic service. But for that he should have

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In opposition to these lesions of the nervous centres I would mention

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Long and this paper was prepared with that idea in view.

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a deep injection of 95 alcohol or the radical operation. Besides

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lation and cicatrization will follow. With the mixed preparations

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or two later she became slightly cyanosed. Although still breath

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This protecting clot sometimes formed half an hour after the injury and on