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In those cases in which death very quickly follows the introduction of a

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remained in the water three or four minutes. The whole luns: was

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time the pus seems to be forced by cough along the track of the

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an objection which could be made to our interpretation of Chart I;

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between the amount of urobilin in the serum and in the urine.

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gram, specific for the side injected. As the changes in the curves of

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10 per cent, small lymphocytes, 5 per cent, indentate nucleus, 8 per cent.,

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dons were strong and shining, and apparently quite unaltered. The capsular

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upon the practice of unnecessary and repeated sounding. AVe have

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has recently come under my notice, to describe as fully and accurately as I

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injections of diphtheria antitoxin. Another evidence of local

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or its Capsule.— The Medical Quarterly lieviciv for Jan. 1835, contains an in-

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In t)ne case of sclerotic inflammation, catarrhal in its origin, and

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attacks of hematuria. Toward the latter part of the disease no erythrocytes

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in fingers and tendo Achillis of both feet, none in the ears. Soft fluctuating

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letters accurately only when he has before him a copy from which to write, whilst

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taire et familiale caractirise'e par une instability parliculiere de Vappareil vaso-moteur,

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work has been done to determine the presence or absence of pleu-

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nificant lesions. The whole picture corresponds to the usual findings in

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Although the fluoroscope and .r-ray photograph are of funda-

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to leave their own fields to conduct other researches any more than

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The bowels were moved satisfactorily by enema. The pain in Jhe left

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fered from burning in the stomach, eructations of acid fluid and gas and

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The spleen measured 18 by 9 cm. and weighed 14} ounces. The rupture,

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pain in the head; begins to call for more substantial food; has had strangury

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the patients. In this way a series of records running over any

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troops, 413 per 1000 of the strength, and the mortality from the same cause

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times. The patient restless, and vomiting frequently; a pain in the region

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In a number of cases which we examined at a later stage of the

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excitant to the nervous system, that I now feel no more hesitation in its

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Hunter was remarkably fond of domesticated animals, and tried a vast

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and arm, without any affection of the face, or loss of intelligence. In some

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positive for three strains of Streptococcus viridans. There was no fixation

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1 Revue de Medecine, October, 1911 (special number in honor of the festival of

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difference between the mean temperature of winter and spring is only 6°. 67,

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rods and evidently branching filaments. The organism was Gram-

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Of the deaths from bowel affection, 151 were reported under the head of

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