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nates. Some farther improvement was made by the use of different ap-

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Des questions particulières se posent toutefois lorsque la dissimulation est

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Description : Paper, 7-| x 6\, fT. 48, written by William Oldys, in single cols, of

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It is certain that, when a knowledge of the general

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ical examination of the various experiments made upon those organs by

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possession of the economy before any indication of danger is giv-

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(lines) and back title: ACTUARIUS | GREECE | MS. Cent. XVIII.

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seem to differ from that in the arteries of the stomach, intestines,

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colics, which ultimately extended in the direction of the rectum,

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in agro Suffolcensi | Armigeri | [in Gothic letters] Viri vere Colendi.

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b3en recollected, however, before the adoption of this hypothesis,

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Binding : The same binding and arms as in V. 5. 9, millboards, covered vean fauve,

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[This rubric is much defaced and is in part illegible. The contractions are indicated by

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it to circulate through the brachial arteries, and there is nothing in the

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mineral acids, the deaths were one in twenty-two. We have, however,

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wherever syphilis exists, these parasyphilitic affections hkewise

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follow what is termed a soft sore, and he came to the con-

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mesure d'exercer un libre choix exempt de fraude, de fourberie, de contrainte, de duperie,

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tation of tea increased, and after that time it continued to be

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they will become of a less and less dark color and in a few days

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epileptic convulsions, for about the space of 10 years. The par-

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the question as to what to do with the rent. This depends

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development, or lymphocytic leucocythaemia, or myelocytic

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2. Unknown Author's Bina'u'l Af'al ('Verb-Formation').

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attendant in accordance with the doctrines which obtained

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with red ornament and gestures] ader oure ]>at art in heuenes hal | wed be ]>'i name . ]>\ kingdom

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ascribing them to such pressure, and bound to act upon that persua-

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Ends (4, 12 v°. line 20): rimis uentosum. Explicit

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Bilious Fever, during which, the symptoms do not unequivocally

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and I know that I can depend on any thing he asserts. William Hunter." Folio.

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matière médicale, on ne doit pas oublier que la relation entre le médecin et son patient,

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bodies, we observe that putrefaction commonly begins to show

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the muscles on the circulatory system by improving its tone.

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the skin to excessive action, and, consequently the liver, because

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the corpuscles only, but in the body fluids generally, and is

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which we still occasionally meet with in high quarters. It is quite idle

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3. The education and examination for the Bachelors to be uniform.

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