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ance which the author compares to that of the lips and prolabia

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The reconstruction of a world half ruined is proceeding along lines

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careful not to rotate the head. This treatment frees the circu

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delicate stomachs. Intermittent fevers rebellious to sulphate of

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Treatment. The local treatment of chronic coryza consists in cleaning

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One of the most malignant sarcoma is one arising from cells similar

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the fever and the temperature undergo great variations while oedema of the

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practices of the past until we are forced to abandon them or shall

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f To complete the history refer to the chapter on Diphtheria.

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much choked especially in old people emetics must be given.

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preliminary peptonization is absorbed and assimilated by the

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tliat is done wo shall not have the proper kind of physical education.

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ventricles after section of the vagi the auricular augmentation

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I should like also to emphasize the necessity which he mentioned

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Simplified A enereal Disease Prog ram A Dr. Millard Knowlton 17