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nication from Dr. Beck, there is the following note : —

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fifths. The patient said he felt a drawing or astringent

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normal size, hence we have in these cases the normal left ven-

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enced dispatcher about this matter, and in answer to the

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The cyst does not communicate with the cavity of the peritoneum. The

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prevalence of smallpox among the people of the island,

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son's. The great development of the insula is striking and,

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Siaeases. — Wood has been dissatisfied with the swab and tam-

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read a report of a committee of the Royal Academy of Medicine on the sub-

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stooped, was liable to fall on account of giddiness and "fulness" of the

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stipated; tongue coated with a white fur; habits temperate

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hospital the rheumatic pains increased in extent and severity ; advancing up

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than at any other part of the year. 11. That during those months, fever is

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should be diagnosed and operated on as promptly as possible

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and Erosistratus have not yet come again and it is to be

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of Magdeburg.3— Charles B., aetat. 5, was ill with catarrhal fever and hoarse

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these pathologic conditions is confirmed by the results

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of Sewall's Examination of Phrenology and of Caldwell's Phrenology

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of treatment on the legislature, but had done all their praying

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ings the following are recommended, of which the iodoform iB

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the re-vaccinated were chiefly children, the proportion of cases in which the

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applied a buckskin ligature. From this time I had no farther trouble with

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cases of hyperchlorhydria or in the intervals of intermittent

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such as cleansing the field for operating, removing plasters,

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by the old style the rats have a means of reaching the shore.

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weak, easily extinguished by pressure; complains of very great weakness

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Case 104. — Operators, Zavaleta and Mas! ; 1892. Dorsal region ;

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It is one associated with misconception and ignorance,

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ship, at about 1 in 608 deliveries. " According to this calculation most

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Operations on the Ovaries and Tubes ; with Brief Reports

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for the nodules to degenerate when fever is present,

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the forest bows beneath the axe, and the rustling leaves of corn and.waving

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