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certainly appear. They comprise inflammation of the neighbouring regions

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infection being inoculated into another animal and the re enforce

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phylaxis and dies while the same quantity in a guinea pig that had

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space underneath whitewashed with fresh slaked lime. This also

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by the author. The anaesthesia was easily obtained.

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constricting effect upon blood vessels may also prove useful in

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Staphylococcus albus and aureus the Streptococcus pyogenes the pneumo

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caseous pneumonia. In the lobar form the bacilli are found in the centre

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quantity on the exterior of the spinal cord and in the interior

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The heart rate is taken 1 after five minutes rest recumbent or in

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urine within fifteen minutes. The latter method is thus to be

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pected would derive greater benefit than would sufferers from the

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Bynum Bennett Brickman Panush Obenour Clapp Neelon

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is not as in ordinary tuberculosis a gradual and progressive extension of the

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reliable antiseptic for the dressing of surgical wounds made with

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larger fraternal relations. If they did I am sure they would co

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membrane which forms chiefly on the aryteno epiglottic ligaments and the

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outcome which was not chargeable to the plan but to the failure