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him either reparation or apology. After a full argument upon

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tical with serum globulin (paraglobulin). In the main Gries-

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screen between the operating room and the amphitheatre

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four weeks he had had pancreas for six days, and liquor pan-

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the nucleins of the first group do yield small quantities ot

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County Council for their various institutions lias been awarded to

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small. Local applications of 10 per cent, solutions of cocaine

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Buffer and Walker (,/oui-. of Path , Vol. i, No. 2, Plates xivxvi), tafee on aii

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similarity of structure that one can demonstrate in them the

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malignant attack of small-pox, which she had contracted a few years

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more virulent. He thought the doses used by Dr. Klein per-

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limbs. Death occurred after long intervals in two cases, in

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GENERAL HOSPITAL, Birmingham.— House-Physician. Salary, £;o per

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attended the mother and child for nine days, thought there

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with 1,230 inmates, there were 45 cases and 13 deaths. In

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third, in whom the disease was incubating, seems to have;

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apparent importance in itself. In the next group, including

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tion ; but on making inquiry at the Patent Office it

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promote a healing process. The eflect is most marked in

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dition as possible is all important. This, in my experience,

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polis a university worthy of its wealth and intelligence.

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go— a point of sufficient rarity in French verse, of itself to

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versity ; (2) that the proposed foundation in Aberdeen be

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Officers of Ke;ilth if they will, on forwarding their Annual and other

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sulting medical officer, with all the privileges of a governor.

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Bill was read a second time. . . ., ,t„ „„.^„

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been in only too many cases meagre in the extreme. The return, which

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Belfast Branch of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund of Ire-

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the evidence before them was not conclusive, that they did

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Jessett, London ; J. N. B. CK) Dr. Kanthack, Liverpool ; Dr. Kelly,

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were also coloured but much less so than the nucleus.

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Post-Mortem Examination. — Except a portion of the colon,

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above the obstruction as well. He would like to know the

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among these there have been only three definite cases of

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WOODFORDE, W. T. G., M.D.Lond., appointed Medical Officerof Health

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menstrual function had not been established. The baby had

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The corrected formula for the ferric acetate standard is as

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served in this respect, and that while some districts (includ-

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