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through the ground squirrels seemed to have no appreciable influ-
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care should be taken to find if they have not acted as artificial dams,
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frames. At its conclusion, the chairman explained that it was the
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to my reason. I am inclined to class it with Talma's operation for
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estimation. Perhaps I may be allowed to point out, however, that
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an ointment composed of equal parts of creasote and wax, white or
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of blepharoplast and presence of membrane, between the two
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treatment, 3 months, (2) necessity of expert and expense, and (3) ques-
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less considered. Rosenau and Anderson" observed in a brief series of experiments that
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and, we presume, ample, as that experience has been. Thus, in
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cent acid to phenolphthalein. To begin with, an absolutely pure
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to teach without bringing the students in contact with the insane,
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low rates. The original studies at the Lawrence Experiment
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It should be borne in mind that sodium bromide induces sleep only
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filters can be operated at high rates (400,000 gallons per acre per
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moved the left limb by cutting a short anterior and a short posterior
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immune sera could be determined. The salt-solution tube sedi-
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Only from two to four of the above articles to be used on the same
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mycetes. Apparently, then, a low grade of immunity is developed

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