Cheap Family Meal Ideas Nz
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on April 1st, with all the instruments, etc., carbolised at the time of

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granting a licence to general practitioners. By omitting to avail them-

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The preceding observations plainly relate to the reduced shapes of the

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almost equalled by the recklessness of pedestrians, who seem to take it

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been to appoint our prosecutor from year to year. You can now appoint Mr. Rose or some-

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been perfect from tlie commeDcement. I think this a

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Tustin, and one of three hundred dollars by Miss Alice

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daily (one at a dose, at intervals of three hours) for tv.o days. This article

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kept constantly full. Much advantage is found in the

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the 25th of September, 1839, without any unusual circumstances. Immedi-

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this operation is, moreover, almost certain to recur; nay, to become more imper-

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is violent inflammatory excitement; and if cholera consisted in abdominal in-

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every day life. The trustees have much pleasure in express-

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Art. XL On Dyspepsia, or IndigeMion. By N. Chapman, M. D., Pro-

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— -Anomalous Symptoms occasionally observed in the different St-ages and in the Inter-

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The following interesting case communicated by Dr. Ticknor to the New

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opinions which I have enunciated ; but their phj'sical characters alone

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The ung. hydr. rub. was applied nightly to the edges of the tarsi; the

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attended by the patients and others, and is productive

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can properly claim the reduced rate of interest, viz., 3^ per cent, instead of the 4^. A

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interested to get the opinion of one of the inspectors of the Privy

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dicates their wisdom in the choice of the present Superinten-

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after said days respectiTety, tbe rate of board determined by the Tmstees of

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bed — every appearance natural — her strength good, yet complaining of

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Flower's, rev., 511 ; introductory, at Edinburgh Uni-

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very, under the circumstances usually observed when a putrid animal poison

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"The expenditure for out-door relief;i48, 1 84 for 50,257 p.aupers;

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ed a disease distinguished per se from every other malady that flesh is heir to —

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might be added, but these I think are suflScient to show that the two diseases-

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cles ensued, and shortly after it vomited several times, which seemed to relieve

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M. Rolando constantly observed that the diminution of the movements

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tion of flannel soaked in warm spirit of turpentine, or in camphorated spirit, or

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Henry Watson, fractured humerus and scalp wound ; William Bur-

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Dr. Williams — And that Dr. Macdonald be elected in my place.

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