Erythromycin And Cox
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collapse in Toronto property is over, we will sell it easily for $100,000.00. I hope I will

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to be held under the guidance of a committee of arrangements, acting un-

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at the disposal of the hospitals increase. The number of patients

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tions. And he reasoned well. If there be any who would find

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be classified into one or the other of two main classes : the non-

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remain, however, many classifiable and unclassifiable diseases

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be intelligent and conscientious. As has already been pointed out,

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Province ; w^e have set ourselves in an attitude publicly against that sort of practice ; and

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late Otho S. A. Sprague. This has been made possible by a generous

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representatives of the assessed. That has been my ground ; it is a plain and simple principle

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throughout the country in regard to it. My motion that has been ruled out of order simply

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In this era of change, of the ever new, when the morning

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more advanced physicians were closely watching their chance.

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