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and upon whom lumbar puncture treatment was performed one in
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Training of Medical Officers of the Organized Militia for Serv
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Society for providing our Association with a stenographer to report
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tissues immediately underlying it. The skin is gently but
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Good results are also obtained by infusion of digitalis given at intervals
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The purulent fluid had dried up in six years after 21 punctures the
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Labatut Jordanet and Porte Ma o.Bs treated the articular mani
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ties either have no medical department or that department is located in
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After reviewing the proteid products of metabolism Bouchard
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alike and after he had retired from this office he was frequently and
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to the nasal fossae independently of any other region. It nearly always takes
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eral hygiene. Of course this naturally is the case as the skin is
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method is the thing in cardiac failure when tliere is no pulmonary
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To elaborate these three requirements we shall discuss them in
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offspring. The State Board of Health will act as a clearing house and
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and ever ready to lend a helping hand to the unfortunate 4s a
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