Etodolac Er
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up ; and a condition was present which was in reality increased by

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Dr. Purcell 0'Lear>', Tues., Thurs., 3, Sat., 12 ; Jledical Jurisprudence,

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was the occasion for the noble efforts of this country and the generous

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entertain ; and facilities for this sort of observation were wonderfully in-

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two of which must have been in a ship actually employed at sea.

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practitioners, resulted m a multiplication of names for given diseases,

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altering his own view of some of the facts stated in his letters.

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benefit effected by what are called the "Contagious Diseases Acts". I

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had no doubt they felt as he did, that the members of the Committee

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wards of one hundred wounded, with no one to look after them. lie

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eyeball, reflect in divergent pencils the light which falls upon them, and

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is the least mobile of the two, ihe muscle would lend to retract or de-

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with the consent of the College, admitted a Candidate for the Licence,

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greatest possible diffusion of the sick soldiers who must necessarily be

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experiments which I made in April last on this subject ; and I do so

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Excepting small-pox, no disease is at present epidemic ; and small-pox

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of the system, which is passively carried out in its details by the ex-

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tion 'at the universities. He advocated, in opposition to this scheme,

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to the detriment of the Council. The members of the Medical

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certificates to practise, on Thursday, August nth, 1870.

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atmosphere renders Worthing a desirable autumnal resort. The sani-

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had been enabled to set their fingers on the commencement of what

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bring in the wounded, and in great measure to their aid we owe it that

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this fellow, in the best possible condition, to the surgeons of the Dutch

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recourse to it, for the first time, with most favourable results.

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ment of his Professional Study, must, if he has been an Apprentice,

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tioner who dispenses medicine to his own patients, c. Of having at-

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obvious that, to pass through Parliament, such a measure must com-

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Mr. Barker's resignation, is to be held on the 3rd November. Dr.

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sequently remained there permanently as one of our Balan division. I

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Correspondents, who wish notice to be taken of their communications, should

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aqueous decoction is largely precipitated by iodide of potassium, and

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