Femalegra Cost
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Medical Society of the Stete of North Carolina.— This
Dr. Phillip F. Barbour, Ixiuisvillc, reviewed at some length
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jury has been inflicted accidentally, with hostile intent, or suicidally,
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was treated in this way, and the recovery of the patients was as unevent-
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two inches to the right of the sternum; the respiratory sounds
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ethereal bodies, volatile oils, and perhaps also tannin. Hence, the greater
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George B. Quigley, M.D., University of Tennessee, Nash-
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the foetus was found in transverse position, the head upon the right, the foetal
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descent of the stomach. This chapter is now being writ-
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the inflammation has reached the diaphragm, and may appear
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index-flnger alone remaining powerless. Cutaneous sensibility is perfect, but there i.s a marked
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SjTnptoms pointing directly to the lungs may be entirely absent or may be
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noticed a few small pustules on the inner side of the left leg just above the
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those of Zunker, and, again, after reading May's article, like the bodies
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bacteria. It is a frequent cause of broncho-pneumonia. It can prcxluce
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directly, but the fact that 1 in 20,000 caused diastolic arrest in forty-six
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"The patient still discharges through the wound and from the duct a
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it is absolutely necessary to do celiotomy, use great c»re in
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eral circulation, and the concentration of the Mt. Clemens
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12th. The patient is able to flex and raise the hand in the wrist-joint
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by addition of an etiuivalent amount of sodium carbonate in a 1 per
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and all have been retlra>\ii, excepting those reproduced from the well-
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Of the various methods of suspending the uterus to the anterior wall of the
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tion of medical boards against inferior schools in their own
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tions in some of these seem to make them weigh more
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the ligature is the safest and proper instrument to employ. Tlie
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usually within ten days from time of inoculation. Pa-
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Episcleritis Periodica Fugax . • 107 I Subjective Visual Sensations . . 108
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inserted are sometimes torn out when the ligaments refuse
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then made through the external oblique fascia externally to and in a line
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was passed around the kidney. The wound was left open
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these two subjects have been embodied in the report of the autopsy in
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with very distinct giant-cells, mostly composed of central nuclei. It
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we go braiuward there is to be .seen a gradually increasing number of
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fered any injury to his head. Acquired a chancre in 1884 ; does not
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and sliding" ring which may be fixed so as to gauge the pene-
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the disease. Nearly every dog in the hospital under
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