Fildena Does It Work
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as rusks ; all of which, carefully prepared, may be obtained from CoUard,

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who have the financial interests of our country at heart, will

fildena does it work

and he was a frequent contributor to the literature of the sub-

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of this office, .and no one is so competent to do it reverently and

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mingham ; F. Antliouy, Biistol Medical School ; R. E. W. Jeuniugs.

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BAIN— Curtis.— On April 2.'sth, at St. John's Cliurch, Heaton Mersey, by

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MD Degree Examination, SPRING, ISOT.-D, M'Dounell, M.A., M.B.

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Spiegelberg and Shaw had each one case, but I do not know

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a total of 6.910. He urges the necessity of combating this mortality by

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been able to trace an interesting history. Eighty-four cases

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dysentery, aud that, consequently, the disease in question was a chronic

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short of insanity would lend added dignity, influence, and

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1 Abstract of a paper read at a meeting of the North Wales Branch of the

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medicines containing toxic substaiices, the general introduc-

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lief that rhythmical uterine contractions did occur during

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clarborough District and Workhouse of the Retford Union.

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the Uttnr came down, the uterus followed, passirg out of the

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in few such schools do the upper masters even make the

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populous places is permeated by poisonous gases was afforded

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phrase may be interrogative and the latter an answer, but it

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the liver is enlarged and contains excess of glycogen ; and that sac-

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which would meet the sentiments as well as the necessities

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Dr. Dreschfeld, Dr. Withers Moore, Dr. C. Taylor, Mr. Shirley

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Council on the value of vaccination, in view of the proposal

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like attacks, render it probable that the cause is gall stones in

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and London, and the Conjoint Board of the Royal Colleges of

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and Priestley Smith as regards the treatment of glaucoma, a

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Surgeon-Captain H. E. Banatvala. Bengal Establishment, is posted as

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■^ta from fi to 8 pfer cent.^rt all the children born after the

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available to me for reading, and the other was hyperme-

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four years' hard work before he was successful at the army

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sand post-mortem, examinations he could remember but two

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obtain a much-needed amendment to the Notification of Infectious

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tinguished chemist, now amount to 120,734 marks (£6,036).

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fessionally Sir Joseph is no less distinguished, being

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Risien Russell : The Results of Cerebellar Lesions in Dogs.

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