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before the examination commences. By that time the skin has
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man silver wire wound around a plate of glass or slate and placed
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creamy pus due to the pneumococcus. Bacteriological examination showed pneumo
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of much service in cases of poisoning but in all other cases where
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appeared wasting was considerable and night sweats occurred. On February 21
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resected and the diaphragm incised. Pus and gas came out and death supervened
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of an ordinary enema syringe and a gum elastic catheter of
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ment and never fails to quiet down the patient equalize the
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nesium and potassium eitlier administered by subcutaneous in
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his wrist and rotate from side to side. Repeat several times.
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pocket full of caps sat upon the steps and placed one cap between
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rear extending back to Warrenton On the 28th all moved on
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Chapter and nurse at Andrews are heartily in co operation and we