Griseofulvin For Tinea Versicolor
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Physicians will find the Polyclinic an excellent means for posting themselves upon modern
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taining a large percentage of an alkaline carbonate, is capable of
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of chloroform, the eye-lids must be fixed open with a spring spec-
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endangering life itself from the violence of the movements, (cases
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out through the skin at the upper angle of g.,^ ^^ medium size is employed for these
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and Primrose for this important work, they are sent out, or are used as material for
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agrees with this view, in the main, but does not consider that it
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the extremeties causes the gait to be stiff and unwieldy.
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an arterial sedative, just what is wanted in Typhoid fever.
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§ 202. Differential diagnosis. Surra is to be differen-
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side as the tumor; but paralysis of the extremities, when it occurs,
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be expected in the work of the disinfector who does not act in
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tude is experienced without being able to cially likely to lead to infection with para-
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griseofulvin for tinea versicolor
an attendant specially to watch and take care of him. He soon
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with Turban, who says that 97 per cent, sote has its place in the therapeutics of this
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Again, the condition, and also the position of the part, modifies
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in the debate thereon. work more practical and useful.
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knowledge of skin diseases and syphilis; Lea's Series of Medical Epitomes. An
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that two tails could be flattened over the foot-piece and the
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infected. The temperature of the supposedly healthy and un-
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the other side, "Natural Disinfectant. N.B. The cork in each
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weeks. In cattle the course is usually less rapid, but it rarely
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of the fissure throu^out their whole length, converting them into a
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natural agencies and influences, — all analogy — really was capable

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