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The sneezing the frontal headache and the fever of acute coryza are

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lesions are frequently of good omen. On the one hand however they do

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and corps medical officers that night. The view from the Headquarters

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the vocal cords and the different shapes of the glottis.

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age incidence at which children are most susceptible is between 1 and

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diarrhoea supervene 1 drop of Sydenham s laudanum is given with each pill.

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body. The discrepancy in the results of these various investi

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and depressant action aconite is contra indicated in all cases in

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trachoma and other contagious and infectious diseases among the Indians

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mixed with vaselin or lanolin or in a varnish after the method

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I cannot conclude without saying a few words on the subject of

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up the question of ozsenous pleurisy which I shall divide into three groups

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Bruns N 595. J Js. reports a case of musculo spiral paralysis

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recovered from sprue as to regard themselves as cured and to

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the toxic effects of quinine which had been combined with the

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the outbreak of plague in the spring of 1911 steamers running