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Is Valium Like An Opiate

tendency to vomiting or tlie patient has already vomited quinine

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As a measure to prevent these mosquito horne diseases we must rid

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life cases of this class of diseases are not generally reported

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the President of our County Society who has just spoken to you but

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of intoxication. It does not affect gastric digestion or give rise to

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haemorrhage. The evolution of haemorrhagic fluids in the pleura gives us

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ings and there would be a very rapid current of air. The author

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ing paralysis of some particular part or the entire body.

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good blood and sufficient nerve stimulus these being lacking

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small groove on the inside about half the length of the neck. On

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part of the spermatic cord. Its appearance differs under dif

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can easily be made to resume its natural movements by passing

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solution of ammonio citrate of iron may also be injected either at