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of Surgery of February 1921 by Shelton Horsloy describing a method
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ton N. H. 4 55 the physiological action of strophanthus may be
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tried spraying the bald spots with chloride of methyl. In the
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the water a. appearance odor taste smell and color but what is
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the quantity of the expectoration are variable and the patient only regains
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in nervous excitable children. It is more soluble and contains a
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should be secondary and require both more time and assistance
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Richard Gill of London jj. states that when the breathing
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Mineral Baths. The electrical properties of mineral baths
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This may occur in the form of an acute hemorragic subacute or
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deformity and atrophic rhinitis are not present in the nose. We might say
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nant or gangrenous degeneration has begun and fibroids which are
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easy access and by virtue of the constant breezes the contained
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Delezenne of Lille of 94 from an experimental study of strych
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The necessity of this is shown by the following instance During
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and due to Koch s bacillus with which other organisms may be associated.
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temperature quinine by mouth is discontinued and given intra
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During an engagement they can be used in assisting the light
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It is in general accompanied by other extrapulmonary infections due to
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much more marked at the beginning of anaestliesia than subse
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people become hoarse within some weeks or months after infection and
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legs and arms which frees and softens up the muscles and re
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and has secured as jockeys for this chariot race Ed Wood Gene
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children although the former may have had no other sign of tuberculosis
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