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degenerated and wasted muscles is extinct. No conclusion as to the

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taking charge of the incurable victims of alcoholism de-

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Sometimes such patients are capable of making every motion required

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e^'idenced by the persistence of a relative polycythcemia

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filaments of the brachial plexus, in other cases they are limited to the

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than two or three degrees above normal, but exceptionally it becomes

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pelvic organs, or of perimetritis. At first the patients feel well

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a particular bacterium in the hving and virulent condition. In

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demonstrated. In such cases we find all the tissues, subjected to pres-

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the development of a fungus, the trychophyton tonsurans, which

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operation, the whole colon from the caecum to the sigmoid

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series of symptoms peculiar to chlorosis. The strength of the muscles,

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an excellent way of treating slighter efflorescences of the disease. Such

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tractive matter of the urine become converted into lactic acid, so that

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larger ; the bluntness of their summit gives place to a hemispherical

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external soft parts of the skull and neighboring cavities, especially in

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bhe limbs, it is true, but they can go out and attend to their business.

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the case of an Italian, aged 26, in whom an acute suppuration

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tation of the optic nerve transmits its impression to the facial nerve

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in a few early-detected puerperal cases. If the patient will

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of degeneration of the prostate or testicle, and the appearance of elastic

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lower extremities, bladder, and rectum, are paralyzed. The tumor usu-

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comes the sorrowful conclusion that the child does not develop intel-

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statistics are more frequent in males than in females. We know

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often associated with pain and vomiting — symptoms which

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the dura mater. The blood filling it comes from the numerous large

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a '' negative phase, " often considerable alike in duration and

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break of the disease. In the second form there is a sudden remission

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not be washed and thoroughly disinfected just before the

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the first symptom which alarms the patient. Elderly women, how-

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