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Treatment. We may first consider cases that recover without surgical

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tumor may have disappeared entirely or have diminished to such an

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Our attention and the attention of the public should be emphati

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separate from croton oil and also from the so called croton oleic

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and to a considerable degree to determine its nature.

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one. The following subjects are discussed Infectious diseases

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best be accomplished and all honest opinions are entitled to a respect

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tinuous with a swelling in the parotid regions and the neck. The upper

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twenty leeches or injections of morphia antipyrin may be prescribed

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purating tubes shows 61 sterile 23 gonococcal 7 tubercular.

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hay fever summer asthma or spasmodic rhino bronchitis.

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to the medical men. I believe that here is the place where infant

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chemical and physical properties of the atom. The forces tending to

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equal parts with glycerin no untoward effects being observed.

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into another error the toxic antiseptics or simple irritants such

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dominal wall or even a part of the thickness of the abdominal wall

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carrying a discharging ear thru life neither would we care to have

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and symptoms both local and general are abated in the majority of

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The possible predisposing causes will now be briefly referred to.

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mander as well as his Chief Surgeon from the duplicate diagnosis

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transplantable and this fact weighs against partial surgical removal

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led to observe that the iron metabolism of the body must be small.

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where the nerves supplying the upper and lovv er extremities

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tered in the fact that when disease occurs a smaller number are

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Many new pituitary cases have been treated since 1919 when the

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mination of their fitness for promotion to the grade of Senior Surgeon

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by the pelvic bones and contains the bladder and other viscera.

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The Society will now resolve itself into section meetings and the

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The alternation of asthma and urticaria is a well known fact and asthma

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Martheu j es reports that in a fatal case of sulphonal poison

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compression of the pneumogastric nerve by degenerated bronchial glands

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air is frequently renewed. Each shack is fitted with one toilet

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appearance is the chief symptom indeed it is not seen with such severity

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As soon as the communication between the bronchus and the centre

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which may assist in the diagnosis. In acute tuberculosis the stupor is less

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have to do with our failure to seize Quebec in the Revolutionary

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angina pectoris came into the Beaujon Hospital under Gombault. The diagnosis of

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or any other language. In fact there are nearly 600 000 illiterates

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