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structural changes leading to physiological atrophy 20 to 100

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with his drugs so I went before this Society and proposed acting

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In paralysis of the constrictor muscles the glottis is constantly open so

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to regulate midwives. We already have a law regulating midwives

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and was recognized as one of its leaders. Appreciation and acknowl

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Major Bailey K. Ash ford Medical Corps from San Juan. Porto Rico

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and he was apparently well. After two hours he relapsed into his

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of the stomach or the intestines produce no contraction in these

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Pleurisy had appeared as a late complication in the puerperium and was

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survey of the times and the customs which exist today. Premillenium

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reveal tender spots in the lower ureter. The cystoscope often reveals

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deadly pale covered with perspiration and cold. A question that the

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less of their offspring are careless of themselves. The principal causes

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arytenoid. Their contraction draws the vocal processes outwards especially if inspira

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thinking. I think great results will come out of it. The examinations

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sea. They hoped to make up for this disadvantage by attacking

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nite dilatation of the lymph space surrounding tlie blood channels.

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station. If the statement that these signs appear first was correct in

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course of pneumonia or after pulmonary infarcts of cardiac origin. In the

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food for at least a week after the evening temperature has been