Pyridium Iv
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there may be even doubt at first. as to whether we are dealing with a true

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nerve roots by the weight of the body. The successes at first reported are

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all of tbeir Primary examinations will bave tbe privilege of free

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osum) and other solanum species (S. nigrum, nightshade; 8. dulcamara,

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it with other severe acute diseases, such as typhoid fever, pyaemia, and general

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had to point out how much and how often such patients let themselves be

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(aconitum napellus) contains aconitin, and causes parassthesiae of the tongue

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not be subjected to dangerous experiments, or killed without the con-

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daily. Commons are provided. Clinical Assistants are appointed from

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cessfol arranged in three divisions, the first containing onlj the names

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f-.o-ue^'oi-t Ci-^ - -.-r.iioft. *.i.j-,'-/eir.c-J .;heesrf, is ripened hy ne

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-—Therapeutics, Obstetrics, Theory and Practice of Medicine, Clinical

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The work of the third and fourth (clinical) years is offered in the Division of the Bi-

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epilepsy accurately, we can almost always determine that the twitching begins

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We have thus seen that in by far the larger number of cases obesity is

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more complicated form — the muscular twitchings are associated with peculiar

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tration of the General Medical Oouncil. The subjects are: The

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Douglas N. Buchanan, S.B., A.M., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

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tively good; rather more than half the patients recover. The prognosis in

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related to the generative organs of the human female. Clinical instruction and practical

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described, which develops slowly and only in later life, and is progressive.

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more abundant and the more superficial the extravasation, the more extensive

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