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extended my paper to a length which endangers its being perused with

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which are at first soft and thick like white of egg, but which afterwards becomes

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of the lower extremities. 2. Separation of the limbs, and lateral

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Avhich were firmly clenciied, and could not be opened a fourth of an inch.

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Cold Sores. — Herpes, or "cold sores," on the lips or

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tumours, and are cured by ligature of the common carotid of the same side;

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that by bringing together the soft parts over the divided spine, (after removal of

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ventive treatment of the disease on board ship, are quite in

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exceeding the deaths, or whatever the cause productive of

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The author calls attention to the problem of enlargements of the

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be entertained of the action of this portion of mercur}' on the teeth, it is absolutely

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the nasal nerve. Amaurosis, which occurs after a wound over the supra-orbital

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blood was injected by a glass syringe into the vein of the umbilicus.

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change and active development in ophthahnic surgenr; mso-

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uniformity, will not sufier by comparison with any of our approved

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an inch between the sixth and seventh vertebra. It had broken the upper edge

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months. When I divided the inner rectus muscle in this case, I had afterwards to

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amusing, some startlingly clashing quotations from one or |

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manifestation of that force which impels organic development

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uterus, where the tumour has often the appearance of discon-

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placed only those cases in which actual want of power in the muscles

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sympathetic might cause, it is highly probable that disease of

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as a stethoscope, and on applying the ear to the finger, I heard a distinct bruit

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retention of urine after birth, and requires a slight operation for its re-

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It is sometimes called "spotted fever" because of the

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xowsKi. C Henle und Ffeuffer's Zeit. f. rat. Med./ bd. xxix,

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surgical wards of University College Hospital (in which an account of the state

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Clinic at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. This

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On the whole this lecture on excision of the knee, by one who

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desqnammation; and as for cicatrices, M. Briquet has never seen any form after

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nervous actions which he supposes that he has^ by the recog-

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