Silagra Medicine
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Clitoris crises In tabes. 693 of, to nose and throat, 1«W
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close resemblance in chemical formula to hydrastinine (CjiHjjNOj). Cotamin
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left side an elongated swelling was felt, freely movable and of doughy con-
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ism, it is probable it would sfain as the tubercle bacillus
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This is the age of mechanics; and the same inspira-
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locical knowledge of the origin and course of infection of the middle ear in
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bus, and the line of suture i» thus isolated by this layer of
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When properly done the death rate slionld not be over 5 per cent.
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bacilli present in the dirt and other foreign substances
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Ca8E II. — F. E. C, aged thirty four years, admitted in October, 1892.
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the dipper. The different Icinds of cows and the quality of
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Our experiments with claret were conducted solely with a California
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from a small numl>er of errors in the spelling of j)roi)er names, there are
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atioii> of a cnx' of t\i)lioi(l fever. He thoiiL:Iil llicy mii:lit lia\r licni the
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searches on the origin' of cancer. He quotes Cullen as stating
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a good chloroformist is very rare. (4) It strengthens the heart-beat and does
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Case V. — Louis S., aged fifteen years, was admitted to the wards of
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denied that it is to specialists that we shall mainly look for medical
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creased as to take in all or nearly all cases in which injury
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tumors seem to be as translucent to the rays as the soft parts of the
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The Deformities of the Human Foot, with Their Treatment.
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phates during the time when the beta-naphtol was taken either alone or
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Thus, we find that small amounts of absolute alcohol may actually cause
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as to the forms of modification, as to percentagee and !
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whether Kiinstler's parasites were really trichomonads.
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patient has been in perfect general hetvlth ever since the last operation (one year ago), and
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Cloth. Pp. 69. Price, 60 cents. New York : The Abbey Press.
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The operation was attended with no danger add with but
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cause of the eye irritation — ^let me say that the eye
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M. Sig. : Inject one to three syringefulB once daily every
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17. Lymph-glands in hepatico-duodenal ligament. 18. Duodenum. 19. Entrance to foramen
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place, especially if the condition is associated with tumor for-
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Stenosis of the vasa vasorum, from whatever cause, is, then, likely to
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the latter and the inner side of the ramus of the lower jaw, where it broke off.
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hooHhy portion of one of the glands and grafted it in
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after her confinement she became septic, and was then curetted
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if any, a bedsore might have, two paralytics with open abrasions on

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