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ting forth the supposed causes of insanity, this has long occupied a pro-

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Dr. S., of Forsyth, sent for to share responsibility, and to as-

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pointed out how the cop 3 'right law had been violated.

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44. Muirhead, E. E., Haley, A. E., Haberman, S., and

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advisement. I assure you that this question is being

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Diseases Simulating Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Nat. Tub. Ass.,

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of the ventricular rate to 50 or less, or even to 60,

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the operation succeeded 97 times in 153 persons, having pre-

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Take the following cases as examples in illustration of this. An intel-

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Represents the beginning of a second primary lobule

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6. Cascelli, G. : Pensiero med., 19: 203-205, 1930.

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covered in the last {ihrase in the first sentence by the

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cation. I think that if you apply cocaine just by put-

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icism, the fact that the first edition was exhausted in a period

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South — not one solitary Medical clasa congregates for instrue*

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vious only after a long series of "minor insults” by

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ical societies; hoards of public welfare or health.

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of fifty-four. Dr. Strauss received his medical de-

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incentives of noxious vapors, reeking hospitals, and dismal

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8. Pediatrics 8: 230 (Nov.) 1951 (Leukemia and Neuro-

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hi^py to attest to the ability and faithfulness of the Physicians

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sions, while 62,112, or 45.46 per cent, were readmissions.

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x-ray to be progressive, retrogressive, oi- station-

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changes in formula, heat, phenobarbital, enemas, or

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that the child breathed through both nostrils, decided that the thimble

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give him biweekly injections of the solution of anti-

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71,139, or 52.07 per cent of the total, were first admis-

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I Let me repeat one piece of advice that I have given

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with no particulars regarding the case. This is the only men-

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cially for this edition; the subject, which had been only

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Madison N. C. Baumann, Highland D. D. Monroe, Edwardsville.

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mation. Diabetes and hyper-insulinism have been ob-

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could see somewhat more distinctly with one eye cov-

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which organized vice has upon legislative and social

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that a series of articles on the treatment of cancer,

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but we can’t escape it. The truth is, the first impression your

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ous excess. Permits unlimited flexibility of dosage.

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become subject, or even the victim, owing to the indulgence it may meet

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and deglutition was perfectly restored, and she slept from that

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Dr. H. J. Knickerbocker; Great Neck — Dr. Leonard

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ful (1) in the detection of bullets and the effects of

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" Although there was not a very full attendance of the n>em-

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