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I hesitate to place the definition at the head of this treatise for the

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ham, Derby, Salford, Halifax, Bradford, Sheffield, and Hull ; 490 small-

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upper portion of the braia axis, the corpora quadrigemina, corpora

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after eight days of total suppression he had a convulsion. A physician,

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are large, but, like the bones of the forearm, have lost their normal sharp-

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'Value either to the pathologist or zoologist. It is an essential

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maximum eveiy autumn. The minimum this year reached on March lath

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called lightning pains of tabes. But, in actual pathology, it is not easy

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organs necessarily occupied a considerable time. . The ex-

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generation of retina, and slight opliit neurilis. All the sym-

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the urine itself should be highly add. Taking food, particularly

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Applications to the Chairman of the House Committee by June l.'ith.

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mass of cells of elongated form, with long, oval nuclei, continuous with

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the ingredients of the solution could be compressed in some

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In about half the cases examined, a rapid microscopic ex-

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dependently without the correction of association fibers.

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As to strength, this is ordinarily increased in the first stage of all

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Registrar-General's Office, said there were three purposes for

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Durham University College of Medicine, Newcastle-on-

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involving both the walls of the air-cells and the interstitial tissues be-

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sities of a world-wide service, and its administrative staff are none too

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The clinical S3rmptoms, therefore, are very varied. In the majority

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is analogous to the play of the fingers on the keys of the piano by a

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.s-ithin half an hour's rail of Newcastle. Towards the west

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immediately necessary to life the heart and the limgs may be, yet even

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whereupon her trismus immediately relaxed, and she began to have

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ranged from 10..T in Portsmouth, 12.1 in Nottingham, l.l.o in Bristol, 1">.7

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tongue now seems more shrunken, and it is pushed, when

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with these characters: 7. Special affections of the ears.

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Gdabd of the Ignited States, held at Memorial Hall, St.

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taining in the former, the deaths would have numbered not 8,

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ordinary clubbed fingers in that the main enlargement is not

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whatever its nature, and dwelt upon the relief from mental

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urine— that is, of urine from the bladder of a healthy child

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the fact that most of such patients do not Uve a year from the time

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midnight. In conditions of great weakness of the heart, strychnin

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gether. These facts give color to the remark of an old anatomist,

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not at any moment be out of the influence of the drug; he often begged

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extensive examination was applied for and granted, as the case rested

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ea ly and late, doing at times in the season an enormous

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