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at first eight to ten then fifteen to twenty expirations without being able

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the Committee reports progress and appends correspondence

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purulent fluid from a vomica nor the expectoration of bronchiectasis. This quasi

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into a question of personal hygiene for those responsible of the care

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few of them were received. The Quartermaster at Alexandria

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mobility on inspection and palpation and the respiratory restraint which

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ing in the ribs and exerting an undue pressure upon som.e of

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To save a great nation from the devastating effects of disease to

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of Health. It was closed in March 1920. Its failure and the lessons

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while the auricles remain flaccid. During the phase of diastolic

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In some asthmatics the distress continues throughout the whole attack and

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can be given without inconvenience. Gallobromol consists of fine

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water is used. This method has been attended with success.