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of t' M\tisli. wiii'ii' stiiiinlation of the ner\e causes an oi)einii}r of the

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Adair J. S. Gashwiler, Novinger S. L. Freeman, Kirksville

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is asserted that several persons have thus met with an awful death.

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bounded only by the patient’s ability to be objec-

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scoi)ic examination when the patients are first seen. We are less apt

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cell which has become stretched through a serum cavity between the

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* This article is an abstract of the following papers: (1) The Bffect of

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That such animals after being so dipped or treated shall be shipped in clean and disin-

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tinued to retain an important degree of virulence. In view of its

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inspectloc of all live cattle, the meat of which, fresh, salted canned cnrn^^M^^^^*

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'"■ '!"■ .-il''"!!"!- •■iii'l a,M,i' i-ii's|.,)ii,liiiu' t,, ,1<'\I nis... art nlaim-il in the

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ent cases. The nature of this peculiar malady will receive further

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surface, growth followed by mitotic division does not take place, but

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vessel is shown at the left. One of the capsular veins may be seen lying in a

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l,.,,,l ni iM'iiiial indi\ i.liials milI in .'as.'s .,f .li;il>i't.'s, in w lii.di .liscas.',

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service at the lowest possible cost. These organiza-

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tuberculosis, both in its onset, and during the early

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of Hamburg, Bremen, and Liibeck, had decrees providing for in-

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of the University of Louisville School of Medicine, 1934;

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knee-jerk is very iiuieh less tlian normal, if not entirely alisent, thus in-

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-.,:»„ «ir the Durooee of marklng_produc« > ^^ ^^ ioUowb. V.8.1mm«*4.m

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21. Ekinath, E.: Uber den mikroskopischen Nachweis Ton Fett in

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one-half of the attendants must be experienced men who have made previous trips with

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reached their bodies through ingestion. Tubercle bacilli given cattle

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Acknowledgement is made to Dr. Stanton Hardy, Lederle

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similar and but slightly larger amoimt in the A. V. fibers. A sufficient

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moved or allowed to move into the counties of Cleveland, Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Pawnee,

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cordium^ a sound corresponding to each of the little venous undulations.

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copy of the permit shall be retained by the carrier, and the other copy of the certificate,

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Bender is but one of the great American army of chair-warmers,

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