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two procedures Hibbs' appeals to one's judgment as the more reasonable.

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strychinia as a general measure. I also allow a rather liberal

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portal lymph and blood vessels, giving an opportunity for the

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al nivello del radice o proxime a ille. In le studio complete

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•bont on^uarter of a po^ rf^^j^'' fl""^ ""* °" «th

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the highest elevations of diastolic blood pressure. 5

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The physicians returned to work only after California

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distinctly advance our knowledge of such pathological proc-

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many more cases of vitamin overdose poisonings, in the

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distinct, and the bizarre renal artery extends laterally

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environment. There is a further point to be emphasized re-

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all the cerebral manifestations of acute rheumatic fever. The term orig-

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J. E.: Long-term parenteral nutrition with growth, development,

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book supplies what is really a great need in the English language. The

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for cooking pnrpMe. by melting .nd holding for . while .t a high

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The choice of publications for review and the relative value given

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advantages of this procedure are the discomfort and the accumulation

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sys.) and Gowers, also, mentions obstruction of the veins of

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Hospital Service ; died in Washington, August 13, aged 39, from Rocky

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during the spring months. He also believes them due to the

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The sixty-seventh annual meeting of the Ohio State Medical

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experiments performed in an unscientific manner, with a very sketchy

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diluted to a liter. From the reading on the scale when the two

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festation of nerve strain than it is by any intrinsic disease, the

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Cancer Research Fund of England, October 2 and 4, the subject being

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wall was ridged, and a diverticulum-like air shadow

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fecting human beings with a horrible disease. Those engaged in

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In our case the evidences of necrosis are slight, but the

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the science of medicine but that he shall have a thorough training in

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local conditions, and of the evidence obtained in other places

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had been felt in the gall-bladder region was discovered to be an

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Several cities in the state have had such a provision passed

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Secretary, New York Trudeau Society, 8 Mountain View

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fowls will not crowd each other ,?■ "^'f '°" "■"' ^^''- «•«

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County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State

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ent in these latter conditions begin to develop early, practically simultan-

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prevention of infant deaths is based. It is only in hospital wards

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in malignant lymphoma, J. Nuclear Med. 6: 792 (1955).

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