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Dr. Armstrong has rightly said The next step in the fight against
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in which he served as First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon
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made use of. In case of ulceration of the lower bowel he used
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powder or an 18 to 20 per cent. solution may be employed
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hour to report at the county town for examination I examined 96
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pleural cavity. The vomiea of interlobar pleurisy is the most frequent of all.
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rheumatism Bright s disease etc. or were consecutive to neighbouring
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Post quartermasters will provide a place in the quartermaster s store
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the test tube. The pleurisy is not gangrenous for we find neither sloughs
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When within two hours after a dose of santonin the urine takes a
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of cancer of the uterus ninety seven of them occur in women who
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corpuscles. Clinical experience has shown its antivenereal and
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the pleural cavity is filled with water and insufflation through the trachea
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flow of the blood and other fluids removed and the circula
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that you will obtain valuable practical experience confidence
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pleurisy is often accompanied by an inflammatory condition of the lung
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fat without sacrificing the chance of cure. Under distance radiation
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The signs on auscultation are variable especially when the disease has
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Pneumonia at least is generall y regarded as being communica
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such a station during the last war which served to embarrass
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fibrinous haemorrhagic or purulent. The more or less adherent false
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we have received much benefit in visiting the diffeent states of this
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These supplies were secured but instead of loading them in
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masses of wounded. Very few were left behind when they
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family physician as a probable case of cerebral hemorrhage. Delivery was
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infection ascends from the appendix to the pleura. In its course this
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To turn to another aspect of the question of nuclein it will be
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time although the number of red corpuscles diminished.
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is adherent and thickened the glands are hard and black. Lesions of the
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it to the laboratory and then letting the patient leave the hospital
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and suffering children. May Thy gracious Presence preside over this
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march men are always inclined to rest. This lowers their vitality
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is especially useful in chorea convulsions and night terrors.
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occur during a break in the administration or soon after it has been
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selection they have made of Dr. Royster for this high place and I
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I may make a similar remark as regards the disappearance of the vocal
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study of pancreatic enzymes. He has evolved a very practical way
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Java the Straits Settlements the Federated Malay States French
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The other proposed plan for health centers originated in New York
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been shown that all such movements can be launched and well executed
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other words I would not offer one word of criticism on those things.
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and gangrene so that the preparation is as a rule unsuited for
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genic agents but the same cells do not always react to different provoking
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A piece of hospital gauze 12x12 inches wet with a 25 solution
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babies sometime develope rickets on a raw milk containing a normal
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but in the cases of troops the men as individuals are under closer
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of all the methods of Osteopathic treatment its effect being
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are on duty with troops in the ratio of 18.4 per thousand of
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and day to relieve those who are suffering from tonsils and adenoids.
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differ according as the nerve is irritated symptoms of excitation or