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crusta form. In this alkaline medium a special micro organism a large
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nized in the sputum although other signs of tuberculosis were absent.
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remove the ganglion as was formerly done the central root is either
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have noted that this lymphocytosis occurs early gradually diminishes
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borated vaselin gives excellent results in the treatment of exten
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at several spots the epiglottis the aryteno epiglottic folds and the arytenoida
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diseases of the digestive canal or of the various infectious diseases
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ments have been made on the cystoscope which now permits various
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sary for the performance of the high duties and obligations inhering.
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treated from February 1892 to September 1894 by fifty one
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haemorrhage in twenty two of them came from the anterior part of the
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quite a different way to cyclical diseases We cannot therefore speak
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returns and after some weeks or months the condition becomes normal
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order to obtain the conditions most favourable to success we must employ
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to do all that was needed. We will never forget him. His devotion
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same will affect the functions of the organ supplied by that