Opical Spironolactone Research Chemicals
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heat and cold, drinefs and moifture^ it is Aperitive,
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quently in our colder Climates, than in the hotter or
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green color, hard and dry, or without Sap, broadeft
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blowers, in the one ( which is the lefs , and the more
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and pointed at the ends, of a whitifh grey green co-
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sorry because he had not postponed the operation until a later
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and the two latter not till AuguJ, if they do abide!
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vessels of the brain is one of the most frequently observed
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lessly painful, and dangerous in this — that it produces the
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If there be an abnormal narrowing of the orifice of the urethra
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bour) am ill, I want to be cured and I just as lief be cured by
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is any thing of Intemperature in it, it is fomething
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from whence fprings up many flender weak Branches !
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IX. The Specification , Preparations , and Virtues,
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bered that a pretty thorough canvass was made by local physi-
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Joints with the Leaves, and at the tops likewife, in
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ing in the fleih. If it is made with Cr dies it takes
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the Second Spanifl) Abrotanum ftemina Chtflj ■ Kole-
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He was the fourth son of Dr. Benjamin Welch, whose profes-
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large thick Leaves, of a grayijh green color , with
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or more, of moll pleafanr, fine, foft white Down’
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With respect to its epidemiology one can only theorize, for no
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Stomatick, Hyfterick, and Cordial j- Alterative, and
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can be obtained from health resorts. There is no charge for
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plyed to the Hair, (as alfo their J uice) it caufes it
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of Crocus’s, which have hitherto come to our Know-
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achs. Vertigo, Lethargy, Epilepfy, Apoplexy, Phren-
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yellow pieces, edged with purple Circles round about
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Variable leav’d Bijiort of all which we (hall fay
opical spironolactone research chemicals
pared-, Ext rail with the before Di filled Water, by \ ble, and purges ofF Choler, Flegm, and Watery
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In this case external examination shows no involvement of the
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anointing upon the part) it eafes all Pains and Aches (
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the color of the Flowers , which in this are of a pur •
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and fometimes of four, which are longilh and narrow,
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ning thro’ them,ofa pale green color,fomething rough,
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■wholly white, fome blew, fame of a violet color , others
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Norfolk , Cambridge/hire , Effex, Kent, Surry, &c.
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