Sodic Levothyroxine
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serum. As absence of leucocytes in pneumonia is con-

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transmitted to the Board of Trustees, and all papers read before

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ment to the hope that serum therapy will soon be applied

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bers. The fee-bill should be the standard for all charges,

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bined therewith excluded a carcinomatous affection of

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in regard to improvements or methods of work as he may deem

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No recurrence in two and one-half years after operation.

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— it might be thought should be represented, but if

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and extract cannabis indica and 20 gm. salicylic acid to each

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leaf between the injured cortex and the dura. I believe

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able as of more importance than those that are imperceptible

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hours. Emaciation and weakness rapidly disappeared when

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and it was possible to detect some induration; by comparing

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of the 253 cases of typhoid fever in the Boston City

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usually chronic in its course, rarely acute, occurring in

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the stomach. Material lying freely in the cavity of the

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furthermore be stated that the observations and con-

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ance let his dues lapse for one, two or three years. These

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regeneration in the cord provided it is relieved from the

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Taunton, Mass., after having spent three years of special study

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delirium tremens results. He calls attention to a symptom of

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23 years, examined by the coroner's physician, Dr. L. J.

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principles in the science of surgery is to give rest to an

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bra. 2. The stretching or distension was not, as usual, at the

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the occurrence of the former is conceivable, that of the

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Depopulation of India.— Since 1896 it is estimated that

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necessity of including diseases of the lungs in his work,-

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extending a short distance down the thigh. Two weeks

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