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We must however remember that the different forms of tubercular infec

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sustaining effect upon the vasomotor system it becomes an im

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Description. The idiopathic spasm of infancy which may or may not

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multiplication or even with their production of poison nor is it yet

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with one exception. That man we have been unable to reach and we

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The examples above quoted give an idea of embolic gangrene of the lung.

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are seen. This infiltration which is primarily submucous and especially

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point at issue is education. We keep on harping about going to the

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of Major Lynch as Secretary of the Association and Editor of

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position but may prove indifferent or injurious to individuals

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of the tongue and to the Spheno maxillary fossa and later to the

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titioners in these fields have been forced to view many manifestations

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grain of tuberculocidin. Injections were made several days following

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to which a small amount of hydrochloric acid has been added. The

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regard to the round ligaments. They are two fibro muscular cords