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mation of the neck Mauriac. This diffuse syphiloma commences in the

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Salvarsan in Malaria. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift Berlin.

10mg valium compared to xanax

tenance of clinics and the provision of other treatment facilities for

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gave him salt solution containing adrenalin and awaited developments.

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Auscultation showed mischief at right base. Pains in chest became most acute breath

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quantity of sulphonal accumulated in the body will be eliminated.

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In many cases pleurisy is provoked by a neighbouring or by a remote

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they undergo caseous degeneration from the centre to the periphery. The

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a definite post operative acidosis with that most distressing feature

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tains blood vessels lymphatics nerves muscular fibres and

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As already intimated this unusual incidence has for years been

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National Guard Medical Officers of the training received at

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England. After two years he came back to the United

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ing 10 is due to invasion by the ordinary pyogenic organism chiefly

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To illustrate what this means An infantry division of 16 000

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